ZatzWorks Aerial Production Services


When you collaborate with ZatzWorks, your cinema project joins the ZatzWorks legacy – a 27-year-long history of capturing incredible Alaskan footage for clients including Discovery and The BBC. Through a variety of premier services, every project, whether a documentary, commercial or more, meets our high-level standards.

ZatzWorks is more than a production crew; we are the complete aerial production package dedicated to streamlined workflow and Emmy Award winning quality. We provide our dedicated filming helicopter that’s always rigged with one of our Cineflex systems– including RED or Alexa cameras and UHD lenses that may be changed upon your request.   


With operations based in Alaska, we are prepared with all necessary equipment and no fee for standby time.  We are always happy to take care of logistics, permits, and help find solutions to creatively tell your story– even in the most remote corners of the North.

To further enhance productions, we also offer access to our amazing stock footage library.  We have everything from bald eagles, grizzly bears, polar bears, musk ox, city shots and more in HD to 8K quality. Hire Zatzworks for aerials and you are guaranteed a program that includes many of Alaska’s best images.

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