R66 Helicopter with Cineflex Gimbal - Zatzworks Aerial Video

ZatzWorks is the complete solution for Alaska aerial filming

Shooting aerials with our Alaska-based 8k aerial systems and helicopter will uplift production values, reduce costs and save huge hassles.


Here’s why:

  • Focus: We are 100% focused on shooting Alaska aerials for the broadcast, commercial and film markets.

  • Quality: Our clients rave about our work, and we've received four Emmy Awards in our name plus we contributed to many Emmy Award winning programs like Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, and many others.

  • Turnkey: We handle everything including getting our helicopter and stabilized camera system to your shooting locations. You say go, and we take care of all the details– even for productions in the most remote parts of Alaska.  We arrive ready to film, and your director or producer joins us during the work.

  • HD to 8K:  We are ready to shoot HD to 8K with our GSS and Cineflex gear that's on-site in Alaska.  Shotover gear is also available, and we have mounts in-house for Robinson, Bell and A-Star helicopters.

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8k Stabilized System + Operator + Our Helicopter

GSS Aerial Video Gimbal - - Zatzworks Aerial Video

Complete Turn-key solution

Our stabilized camera system, our crew and our helicopter– The entire package is totally dialed-in for cinema work.

  • Our helicopter with the world’s only FAA and EASA approved Robinson R66 nose mount.
  • We offer our GSS or Cineflex stabilized camera gimbal systems.
  • Our cameras include Red Helium 8K, Alexa Mini, or larger Alexa formats upon request (Alexa 65 and Alexa LF with GSS C520)
  • 50-1000mm telephoto and 17-120mm Ultra Hi-Def lenses are in-house.  Others available upon request.
  • 42×9.7 telephoto lens and 13×4.5 wide angle lens for 2/3 inch HD production work, also in-house.
  • HD monitors for operator and producer.
  • A creative, experienced DP with four Emmy Awards and 27 years of remote Alaska filming experience.


We have a complete aerial package including the helicopter. It’s a package that reduces your costs and results in better images.

  • No fee for standby time:  You don’t pay standby time for the helicopter, so there’s no rush, no panic, and we can do great work without stress.
  • No minimum flight time per day: You pay no minimum daily flight time for the helicopter.  Fly as much as necessary and don’t pay for what you don’t use.
  • Less waiting– we are always rigged and ready to go when your crew is ready.  No airline shipping, no lost luggage, no missing parts.  We are based in Alaska.
  • Everything works. Our helicopter is totally dialed-in for cinema work. No power surprises. No RF issues. No headphone or communication surprises.
  • Our DP is also a helicopter pilot with years of Alaska experience.  Communication between the DP and pilot are greatly refined for best-performance and safety.
R66 Helicopter for aerial video capture - - Zatzworks Aerial Video


The Hailstones are one of our favorite Northwest Alaska Families!  Here one of our R44 helicopters is shooting aerials of the family navigating a river near Noorvik, Alaska for the Life Below Zero series.  Photo © Hailestones.



Gimbal Rentals

Need to rent a stabilized camera system?  We have GSS, Cineflex, Red, Canon in-house.  Let us know how we can help you.

Red helium 8k, alexa mini, alexa 65 and lf, sony, gss and cineflex

Most of our Alaska work in 2018 is shot with a GSS C516 with RED Helium at 4K/6K/8K using the 50-1000mm and 17-120mm Canon UHD lenses.  We are also ready with HD, and we can provide Alexa Mini, GSS C520 with Alexa 65 or LF, and Shotover upon request.  For clients who prefer to use their own helicopter, we have mounts for the Bell 206/407 and the A-Star.