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Daniel Zatz

Daniel Zatz is a 27 year Alaskan with roots in the Southern California broadcast market working in LA and San Diego. He has four Emmy Awards to his name and a handful of contributory Emmy's, and clients include BBC Natural History, an array of Discovery and National Geographic series, NHK, CBC, German television, and commercial clients around the World.  He’s filmed in every corner of Alaska and has more than 4000 hours of aerial Cineflex and GSS filming time– plus untold hours on boats, cars and other off-road vehicles. 

In addition to operating the Cineflex and GSS, Zatz created AgileCine Engineering which upgrades Cineflex V14's, Elite and Ultra cameras.  He also designed and created the world's only FAA and EASA approved nose camera mounts for the Robinson R44 and R66 helicopters– forming the company Arctic Built (now owned by GSS).  Zatz also provides technical assistance to gimbal owners around the world, and he is a certified helicopter pilot as well.  His goal is to capture creative aerials that help tell stories and show the immense beauty of Alaska. 

ZatzWorks Delivers Amazing Results


The Best Alaska images for your project

We create amazing Alaska aerials!  We have more than 4,000 hours of Alaska Cineflex and GSS aerial filming time, four Emmy Awards, and we really know how to do Alaska aerials very,very well.  See our demo page and judge for yourself.   


Extreme Weather and Remote Operation Experts

Our Alaska expertise translates into more success and fewer surprises. Our local knowledge of Alaska weather, flight routes, village politics, Federal and State land rules help us get projects done safely, efficiently, and without headaches. Even in the frozen Arctic, we create beautiful aerials for our clients.

Contacts in Alaska

We have contacts in all corners of Alaska, and we know how to get work done in every corner of the State.  With 27 Alaska years, we know the ropes of logistics, politics, weather and how to succeed in the Arctic.

Best Aerial Filming Helicopter Operation in Alaska

It’s our helicopter so no headaches for our clients.  We have no minimum flight time per day.   We also don't charge for standby time while waiting on the ground.   This let's us wait for the right time to capture your story, without any need to rush.  We are focused on capturing elements for your Alaska story with beautiful aerials.


No Rigging Fee for the System

When using our helicopter, there’s no rigging fee for the Cineflex or GSS C516.   Our helicopter is already rigged– saving our clients at least a half-day rigging fee. 

No Shipping Delays and No Shipping Costs

Ever lose the only day with good light because the airlines or FedEx lost one of a dozen shipping crates? Not with us. Our helicopter is rigged with our camera and ready to capture images. There’s no shipping, no shipping costs, and nothing to get lost. Everything works, and we are ready to fly and create beautiful images anytime.

Everything Gels

Our camera and helicopter are totally dialed-in. Everything works perfectly from the controls to the monitoring system to the headphones.  Our crew also gels. Our DP and usual pilot have more than 1000 hours flying together and can almost (almost!) read each other’s minds. All this translates into more creativity and better images for our clients.

All of the scenic and wildlife images on these pages were shot during filming by ZatzWorks.  Most were shot using the Red Helium, but a few were shot with the Alexa XT.  ©2018 Daniel Zatz